Azure Stack HCI Architecture and Licensing

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Title: Azure Stack HCI Architecture and Licensing
Presenter: Sameer Mhaisekar and Bob Cornelissen
Date: Thursday 19 January 2023 at 16:00 CET (Europe – Amsterdam time)

We at TopQore are running a series of webinars about the Hybrid Cloud and the possibilities to deploy, maintain, manage and monitor Hybrid Cloud solutions, such as Azure Stack HCI and Azure Arc and Windows Admin Center.

In the previous episode of our Azure Stack HCI webinar series, we set the stage and established why hybrid cloud is seeing more adoption and the benefits of it. We spoke about the wake of the datacenter and app modernization, and how cloud is not just a place anymore, but an operating model we want to adopt. We then discussed what Azure Stack HCI is, and how it fits in the picture.

In this episode we are going to discuss the architecture of Azure Stack HCI in more detail. We will also discuss the licensing of Azure Stack HCI nodes and the Azure hybrid benefits.

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