Knowledge Partnership

Get Professional Help for Your SCOM Environment

If you are sometimes struggling with your SCOM environment and need a professional to help you create a vision, direction or a nudge in the right direction for anything related to SCOM, we can be your sparring partner. Our knowledge partnership program is designed to work with you and help find solutions to your questions. We are a team of experts who work both offline and online in sharing knowledge, brainstorm and help make important decisions.

 If you are concerned about the privacy of your environment, we assure you that we do not need any direct access to your systems, we can work through online platforms, wherein you can without worry share your screen and we will guide you.

We have created a package of items that we can do during the knowledge partnership, we can guide you in these aspects and if there are any other additional services that you wish to get like the trainings or consultancy hours, those will be charged separately 

Included in Knowledge Partnership

  • Answer questions around SCOM topics
  • Mentor SCOM Admins to the next step
  • We can help you with tuning
  • Help you understand what certain alerts mean
  • Provide a direction for troubleshooting issues
  • Share with you best practices
  • Assist in creating dashboards
  • We can provide a second opinion on designs/plans
  • Help with configuration and security
  • Point out which training or other resources fit with a topic
  • How to get started on creating management packs
  • Where to find or procure a management pack or solution

 Not included in Knowledge Partnership

  • Creating Designs or plans for implementations or migrations
  • Implementations/migrations of SCOM
  • Creating full management packs
  • Providing full SCOM trainings
  • Consultancy projects

In short, the items for which we have other Services in our portfolio. 

How does the program work and the levels available

In order for us to give the best practical advice targeted at your environment, we always start with a SCOM Health Check (a separate paid service). After the Health Check is performed, we have a complete picture of your environment, to assist you with the questions and services for this Knowledge Partnership package. After that we can start with this program.

We have two levels currently:

  1. Knowledge Partnership for 8 hours per month. Priced at 800 Euro excluding VAT per month.
  2. Knowledge Partnership for 16 hours per month. Priced at 1600 Euro excluding VAT per month

We provide our services on a monthly basis and invoice per year.

You can plan sessions with us a few times per month if needed and leave some space for ad-hoc questions.

  Additional Rules for this Service

  • The hours belonging to every month are to be used in that month. This is so we do not run into a case whereby many hours are quickly used all at once for a project. These hours are not project-based hours.
  • We always start with a SCOM Health Check, which is a separately paid product. Unless you already did such a SCOM Health Check with us recently of course.

Next steps

To purchase/book or discuss the knowledge partnership plan with us you can directly drop an email at [email protected] and we will arrange a call with you to proceed with the next steps.