Azure Stack HCI

Consider any of the following as examples:

  • Contoso are an organization that are a small-sized, tech-savvy, and an organization that likes to stay on top of the latest and the greatest of the technology. They want to minimize their IT infrastructure footprint, so a big chunk of money isn’t spent on maintaining a datacenter.
  • Fabrikam are an Enterprise giant that have offices and edge locations spread across the globe. As their business grows and data processing at the edge becomes more and more critical, they are looking at ways to decentralize their IT infrastructure to multiple locations, while keeping a centralized pane of glass. They’re also invested in Azure, and enjoy the convenience of using cloud services. If only there was a way to leverage the same operating model for the edge locations?
  • Contoso are a company that deal with sensitive data that is strictly protected by the Government, and/or policies like GDPR, HIPAA. Their data should not and cannot be sent to a public cloud.
  • Fabrikam are a company looking to modernize their legacy infrastructure, and they have the vision of developing cloud-native applications that minimize the code, reduce underlying infrastructure, and are easy to maintain. However, they also acknowledge that they cannot simply lift and shift their whole infrastructure to cloud but need to run some estate on-prem as well. Should they have to give up their vision of cloud-native applications?

Do any of these situations feel relatable? If yes, great news – there is a solution!

Azure Stack HCI equips your organization to tackle these challenges by combining two technologies into one – IT infrastructure modernization with HCI and the ability to extend cloud model anywhere using Azure Arc. The infrastructure stays on-prem but utilizes cloud services! This opens up a lot of Hybrid Cloud possibilities for these organizations!

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