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Watch our TopQore SCOM MI training introduction video to get an insight in how this is setup

This training will give you all the information available regarding Azure Monitor SCOM Managed Instance, also called SCOM MI. We go through what it is, why you could consider using it, the design for this monitoring solution, the prerequisites and component installs and configuration. And we discuss the use of SCOM MI as an administrator.

Note: While the SCOM MI product/feature is released and some features in Public Preview, this training is updated as soon as anything changes. The product/solution can and will change and we will adjust our training content accordingly.

Some of the main topics discussed during this day of training Azure Monitor SCOM Managed Instance:

  • Design SCOM MI infra
  • Prerequisites and their config
  • Install SCOM MI
  • Scaling and Sizing
  • Working with SCOM MI
  • Migration to SCOM MI
  • Consoles and dashboards
  • Grafana / PowerBI and SCOM MI
  • Azure Monitor integrations
  • Cost and Licensing
  • Future of SCOM MI

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Watch our other TopQore SCOM training introduction videos to get an insight in how this is setup :-

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