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Designing Advanced SCOM infrastructures and High Availability

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This training will go through the list of roles and features of SCOM and examines what design decisions you are looking at when the numbers of agents or locations or domains get high or complex; We think about high availability of these SCOM infrastructure features; geo-redundancy; Gateways; Connected management groups; User roles design, etc.

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Welcome to SCOM Advanced Designs and High Availability Training!

In this comprehensive training program, we delve deep into the intricacies of advanced designs and high availability solutions in Microsoft System Centre Operations Manager (SCOM). Whether you’re dealing with high numbers of monitored objects, diverse workloads, multiple locations, or complex domains and forests, this course equips you with the essential knowledge and skills to design and implement SCOM environments that meet your organization’s unique needs.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect from our SCOM Advanced Designs and High Availability Training:

  1. Understanding Advanced Designs:
    • Exploring scenarios with high numbers of monitored objects, diverse workloads, and complex security demands.
    • Discussing AD Tiering in various forms and its significance in SCOM design.
  2. Design Strategies:
    • Strategies for designing SCOM environments based on specific scenarios, including tuning for optimal performance.
    • Detailed insights into gateways, including the use of chained gateways for enhanced connectivity.
  3. High Availability Solutions:
    • Implementing high-availability solutions for SCOM databases and management servers.
    • Exploring options for geo-redundancy to ensure uninterrupted monitoring capabilities.
  4. Connected Management Groups:
    • Understanding the purpose and best practices for utilizing connected management groups.
    • Identifying scenarios where connected management groups may not be suitable.
  5. SCOM Server Roles:
    • Exploring other SCOM server roles and their functionalities in advanced SCOM environments.
  6. User Role Design:
    • Designing user roles tailored to advanced SCOM environments, ensuring efficient access and management.

The training culminates in a comprehensive test and certification process. Upon successful completion of the test, participants will receive a certification badge, recognizing their proficiency in SCOM Advanced Designs and High Availability.

Join us on this journey to master advanced SCOM designs and high availability solutions. 

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