Social Responsibility

The world around us is much broader than IT and computers. The computers enable many businesses and people to work and deliver services. However our world is interwoven in many more layers. Think about nature, culture and sports as some examples. As a company we are aware that there is more than computers which make the world tick and we want to do our little bit to try and support initiatives in several directions and ways. On this page we have a few examples where we are involved in some initiatives around sport and nature and why we feel this fits well with our corporate social responsibility and how it links to us as a team.

See some of the things we support below

TopQore Sponsoring Stichting House of Tails animal shelter

We are supporting a foundation based in the Netherlands called Stichting House of Tails, which is an ANBI registered foundation. It is geared towards helping animals like dogs and cats without owners and often living in hard conditions and circumstances. The shelter works relentlessly towards providing food, shelter and love to about 75 dogs at …

TopQore Sponsoring Billiards Teams

We are supporting a small billiards club in the Netherlands called Bosrand78 in Apeldoorn. This club has 4 teams split across the C4 and C3 classes of the Dutch Billiards Federation (KNBB) area Stedendriehoek. Billiards takes people out in another context outside of the home. It has several aspects of mental health (calculating the trajectory …


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