Webinar SCOMathon – Everything you wanted to know about SCOM 2022!

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Title: Webinar SCOMathon – Everything you wanted to know about SCOM 2022!
Presenter: Webinar SCOMathon 2022
Date: Tuesday 10 May 2022 at 16:50 CET (Europe – Amsterdam time)

On Tuesday 10 May 2022 TopQore was again part of the SCOMathon event!
Our second session is a session of about 45 minutes with the title: “Everything you wanted to know about SCOM 2022!“.

This year sees a new major version of SCOM hitting our Datacenters with the 2022 version. SCOM 2022 is brand new, and you can learn in this session what this means for you! We discuss all the new features and adjustments included in this version and the why, based on our experience working with the previews of this product and working with it in production. Also, we will discuss what this means in your upgrade path and supported versions. Watch this session to get yourself up to speed and ready to look forward to life cycle management for a change!

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The webinar is open to view publicly at the SCOMathon YouTube channel here: (1305) Everything you wanted to know about SCOM 2022! – YouTube. If you want to both watch the recording and earn a badge afterward, just register through the form below (it will send this same link to your mailbox, so you can click the link).

To come and see the SCOMathon sessions and all the other great content which gets presented during that day by many well-known monitoring experts, check the SCOMathon main page.

SCOMathon presenter

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