Webinar: SCOMathon Coffee Break SCOM 2022 Migration

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Title: Webinar: SCOMathon Coffee Break SCOM 2022 Migration
Presenter: Bob Cornelissen
Date: Tuesday 27 September 2022 at 16:00 CET (Europe – Amsterdam time)

On Tuesday 27 September at 4 PM CEST, we will be presenting a webinar for the SCOMathon Coffee Break sessions. The topic is going to be about SCOM 2022 Migration, for which we had received a few requests.

Now that SCOM 2022 has been around for a while and has been battle-tested, you might be considering an upgrade!
But, as with all new versions of SCOM depending on what you are upgrading from, this process may not be straightforward; with compatibility matrices, data sanitization, and the choice of in-place vs. migration, it can be a complex and confusing decision.
But don’t fear, SCOM-Bob, an industry-renowned expert in monitoring and upgrading SCOM, will be joining us to walk you through the process and share best-practice tips.

Migrate SCOM 2022 webinar with Bob

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