ChatGPT – what it is and isn’t

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Title: ChatGPT – what it is and isn’t
Presenter: Kasam Shaikh, Sameer Mhaisekar and Bob Cornelissen
Date: Friday 10 March 2023 at 16:00 CET (Europe – Amsterdam time)

We have a lot of chatter around ChatGPT lately, but there is also a lot of confusion about what it is and what it isn’t. We are going to discuss this with our guest and AzureAI MVP Kasam Shaikh and two members of the TopQore team, Bob Cornelissen and Sameer Mhaisekar. We have a number of questions and topics to go through and will do that in an open discussion format.

“ChatGPT – what it is and isn’t” is a webinar that aims to provide participants with a clear understanding of what the ChatGPT language model is, and what it is not. ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence language model trained by OpenAI to understand and generate human-like text. During the webinar, participants will learn about the capabilities of ChatGPT, its limitations, and the ethical considerations surrounding its use. The session will also provide an opportunity for participants to ask questions and engage in a discussion about the topic. Whether you’re new to the world of artificial intelligence or an experienced practitioner, this webinar is a great opportunity to learn more about ChatGPT and its role in the field of natural language processing.

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