Scheduled Tasks Management Pack

After Raphael Burri created the Scheduled Tasks Management Pack for SCOM years ago, he asked TopQore to take care of the pack now, because we are dealing with SCOM on a daily basis.

The Scheduled Tasks management pack finds and monitors scheduled tasks and jobs on your Windows servers through SCOM. The management pack works for Windows 2008 and higher (we checked up to Windows 2022 on SCOM 2022). There is a no longer supported Windows 2003 pack included as-is in the download. There is a management pack guide included in the download, where you can find the information you need to start.

The pack and download and source code is all available through GitHub. Also issues and fixes/additions can be created there by creating a branch off the Develop branch and making a pull request based off a recorded Issue.

The management pack source can be found here:

On the releases page you can find the latest production release and download the zip file containing the pack and guide: