Microsoft MVP Summit 2019

Every year most of the Microsoft MVP’s come together for the Microsoft MVP Summit in Redmond at the main campus for a week of sessions around all relevant technologies and talking about the current and future. Currently two of our consultants, Bob Cornelissen & John Barreto, are there to follow the sessions around Azure, Monitoring, System Center, Server, Security and more and meeting with a lot of Microsoft staff and other MVP’s.

For TopQore it has always been important to stay on top of what is happening in the Microsoft portfolio in order to best advise customers and on the technical level make the best use of the possibilities. Also it is one of the best possibilities to give direct feedback to the Microsoft product teams during sessions or in private conversations around the products and what best to focus on in the future. So attending the MVP summit to stay at the front of those technologies is very useful and important. Aside from this the weather has never been better there around the MVP Summit time.

We can not talk publicly about anything that happens or gets discussed at the MVP Summit, because everything is under NDA (non-disclosure). But we will be able to talk about the things as soon as they are released to the public.